This workshop provides an introduction into analyzing nested data. Focusing specifically on multilevel regression, allows participants to explore the concepts of multilevel modeling within the widely used regression framework. We will cover introductory topics in multilevel modeling with continuous and categorical variables. Topics include:

  1. When multilevel analysis is necessary
  2. Random intercepts
  3. Random slopes and cross-level effects
  4. Interpreting multilevel analysis

Examples will be demonstrated using both the Mplus and R software packages. Syntax and output will be provided for all examples covered in the workshop.

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Student / Post-Doc
  1. Nested data structures
  2. Intraclass correlation and design effect
  3. Effects of ignoring clustering
  1. Fixed vs. random effects
  2. Intercept only model
  1. Adding level 1, 2, and 3 predictors
  2. Cross-level interactions

This workshop is for anyone interested in learning how to deal with clustered/nested data (ie: students nested within teachers) within a multilevel modeling framework.

Participants are encouraged to have a working knowledge of multiple regression and an advanced understanding of structural equation model (see our Advanced Structural Equation Modeling workshop).

A working knowledge of Mplus would be beneficial but not necessary.

A copy of Mplus or R is not required for this workshop. All examples For this workshop will be demonstrated with Mplus and R. Furthermore, we provide all syntax and output for each example to allow for participation without the use of any software.

Handout materials and datasets will be provided.

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Scott Colwell, PhD is an associate professor at a major university in Ontario and is the co-founder of Enablytics. He has many years of experience teaching courses and workshops in research methods, applied statistics, and structural equation modeling to students from a variety of social, behavioural and health science disciplines. Dr. Colwell is an accredited Chartered Statistician (CStatĀ®) with the Royal Statistical Society and Professional Statistician (PStatĀ®) with the American Statistical Association.


A link and passcode to the livestream will be sent to all registered participants prior to the start of the event.

Materials will be made available for participants online for download.

Please note: We currently do not have the ability to record the streaming.


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