This workshop provides an introduction into analyzing nested data. Focusing specifically on multilevel regression, allows participants to explore the concepts of multilevel modeling within the widely used regression framework. We will cover introductory topics in multilevel modeling with continuous and categorical variables. Topics include:

  1. When multilevel analysis is necessary,
  2. Random intercepts,
  3. Random slopes and cross-level effects, and
  4. Interpreting multilevel analysis
Examples will be demonstrated using both the Mplus and R software packages. Syntax and output will be provided for all examples covered in the workshop. Registration and payment can be made directly online. All prices are in Canadian dollars and are exclusive of tax (13%). We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cheques and Email Transfers.


Students & Post-Docs $325 Canadian + tax (13%) Faculty & Practitioners $425 Canadian + tax (13%)
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